playing america in summer

an electric boot

sitting apple

with friends silent

you order red

vodka no soda

a day to go to play god

woke me up today

and says ive never

met an Indigenous person

it is an honor and he gardens

the tomato    

time out abov e scape a cowboy

in despair opens

unopened can

i am tired of me

as the world wakes up

and down

your desire in food

the dampness of strangers

we tipped your dream last night

and see your hair ember tomato

the only indians in brooklyn

are painted on walls

i am painted by

general electric


what does it mean

to drink big beer

on monday

is it a leaf

or a rat

my child

my scraped apple

in season

bruised by

paramount ash

come out

one leg

bruised by

missed america


can your country

be found

in williamsburg

catching a need

take a generation to go

time is moving something

delighting violence

you get bigger

and ive remained the same

im alone and you

are with me

there are three gangs after me

and two are in my head


ive been looking at

words to dye black

at williamsburg club

my little head

did trivia and is

ashamed to answer

the next

but the twist found

bartender had

my architecture interesting

my impulse missing

for two days

dragging eager

across your finger

my shorts my shot

welcomely spent

time on metropolitan

staring at you

i order beefeaters and


the lid on the bottle

you in green and

i on green and you

in green and i on

g and if you

see your eyes please

see mine

when i walk

water hitting

above you

pushing me

against the street

your body still standing

my hand still shaking

m.s. RedCherries is a citizen of the Tsėhéstáno (Cheyenne Nation) of Montana and received an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.