I rub my face on solid ground and pretend that it’s you

i bled myself blue trying to be cool for you

i want you to come to me, i am in hiding, i am overflowing

i need to find a bed of salt and dissolve

shuddering with heat lightning

falling hard the long way down

we have been together for four seasons now

you who never loved anything more than the world

you who never committed to anything but love as a disembodied voice

you the alien

you who never learned to love never got it right

you who lost the music and couldn’t afford to buy any more

you with your iPhone nearly silent pressed to your ear

playing love songs

you who know no language

your eyes closed

you lonely ghost

til the phone runs out. So it goes.

i need to open it up and find the source of the bleeding

like how we only say i love you in times of desperation

my eyes are wet like leaky faucets

you say, why not do heroin?

i want to be wracked with joy from the very core of me.

i am hungry to eat the whole world. So it goes

i will catch the spiders

and you will make the bread rise

we have cold fights and warm forgiveness

quicksand, night vision

one night you told me you loved me

on accident. So it is. So it goes

four seasons of us we’ve been trying

we’ve been crying

we’ve been licking at nostrils

and picking our toes

we’ve been playing in the sandbox

you always push me down. So it goes

Sarah Bloom lives half in this world half in one of her own creation. you can come if you want. instagram: @blissscat