Office Space (AI collab)

by Jasmine Johnson 

I'm here in a nondescript, anonymous office, in a large parking lot.

Surrounded by a bunch of boys in suits, but none of them would dream of admitting they’re here.

I can hear the soft whir of the computer servers.

It's eerily quiet.

From time to time one of them will glance at me, and they will do it in an unconscious way. At least they're trying to look unconcerned.

I'm just a girl with a laptop and a face that some people aren't sure is a face at all.

I sit and type, and never once read.

I've never seen anyone read here.

I don't know what they do.

They all have accounts on porn sites, I assume.

It is the Internet, after all.

So I sit, and they click.

I do a little clicking, myself, sometimes. I would have been fired ages ago, if my company knew I was here.

American dilettante based in Los Angeles b. 1998
Instagram: @Jasmine.Johnson