How i keep it tight

by Aderet Fishbane 

lane abandons the glorious red united states government in favor of pussy; or we wish
that were true and in stead use out tongues to clock in for retail later, we 
protest our clean fingers and go straight for the source which after everything has revealed
itself to be the POS system. we incorporate POS knowledge into sex later making germy 
customer service tongues sexy slap each other before things get more heated. we use
thinner versions of our selves for holy consummation 
(we have sex with each other’s
customer service personas)
and get wetter 

i twist my body into a tall thin (green) better body. i sniff under my new 
pits to make sure i am still
recyclable when skinny. good news: i am!
lane is not so delirious as i am with my new tiny titties, she misses my Cans and the Rack
they came on. i don’t mind, i think so long as i can fit between the bed and the dresser i can
tolerate a titless existence. 

after all my weight watching i get back to work serving sweet cakes and shakes. my tummy
untucks to make room for all my potentially tippy patrons. i hand them their change and dust
them with powdered
sugar before they go. we exchange holes and souls at the doorway (via our eyes,
management glued my feet behind the counter) and saw goodbye with new
sweeter bodies. 

Aderet Fishbane is a nonbinary lesbian poet making experimental, cross-genre poetry and prose that attempts to distort and explore the body.