Lovely is The Silence of Things Growing 

by Haley Bergeson 

When we went away to Greece

my Grandmother stripped away

the lifeless dried parts of the houseplants

and in perfect quiet solitude

she nursed them back to health

She knew about pain because

pain happened to her so

everyday she prayed for

the fortune of others.

She even forgave God

for all the sickness and death and accidents

and darkness - tiny gifted

mystic in the American desert

Visitors think New Mexico is a

spiritual place because there is a lot of

lavender or something but

if you truly want to be spiritual,

let your angelic Grandmother take you to

the public pool, spoiled gringa underwater.

Shoot a gun into the empty cricket sounds with

her ex husband, sleep on the flat roof

where a person can really watch God

watch death and nurse the living,

find beautiful the unbearable silence of things growing.

Haley Bergeson is a writer and choreographer in Los Angeles. 
@muybergie (instagram & twitter)