Crystal Clear

I love it when the dog lays like that
His legs curled to his side
Baby fawn in the wild past
His dreams race at him as he trembles
The muffled howls of an animal who knows what he needs
And chases it. So much contained in his dome
So much learned in his companionship
He did not invent the glance over the shoulder
He who looks ahead to dream

Giulia Bencivenga is a data analyst and the author of GIULIA BENCIVENGA IS A MANIAC (Inpatient Press, 2019), Unreasonable Whole (Gauss PDF, 2019), and CUD (nueoi press, 2020). Their work appears in Prelude Magazine, Peach Mag, Wonder and has been translated into Italian. They run the reading series Two Snake in Los Angeles and sometimes host virtual poetry workshops.