Lucy Loves me

by Giovanna Zavala 

Just watched this documentary about Lucille Ball. It was pretty good. They use the word beautiful about a thousand times. Desi goes up on stage after a taping and says that he and Lucy hate communists, because that’s how she was registered and everyone was worried the show would be canceled. Lucy says, “No matter how I get dressed up, I always look like a cigarette girl,” which is like when Tyra says that someone is high fashion rather than commercial, which she only ever says to the skinny girls. I think cigarette girls are like commercial lol. I can’t believe you grew up without TV, haha. Can you believe more people have seen Lucille Ball’s face than any other human being ever? It was in the documentary, that fact. It was sad when they got divorced. I tossed the magnet that had her face on it when I moved. You sent it in the mail when you visited New York. Haha. I live here now. Can you believe it? More people than any human being ever? Isn’t that wild? We don’t even talk anymore.

Giovanna Zavala

Giovanna Zavala is an artist and she lives in New York City.  ig: 
@lady.roku / tw: @GiovannaZavala