hemmed & frayed

sipping coffee

in a big red car

by the corn field

Hold my face

  hold it in your hands

and say:


yours recalls

somewhere sacred

early 2000s mall

escalators winding

slow over fountains

glass elevators

jutting nowhere


well, here we are so

take me in the back

where they keep

things refrigerated

little cornichons,

ingredients for the


get this

    I think

I’ve got it down:

wandering is luck

Luck is hard red nails

tapping on a tabletop

counters are slippery

where they shouldn’t be

perversions take place

at the end of a sentence

or in bright white sheets

what’s a mnemonic device 

what’s a mnemonic device

for remembering people love you

that mistakes are broken currency

formed in dust bunnies under the bed

and most times when people say

“you have an eyelash, make a wish”

it is actually an eyebrow hair


would it count just the same?

Christina Svenson is a poet from Panama living in Oakland, California. 
@angelbyshaggy (instagram)