Huli Huli Chicken 

by Jordan Raf

The endless iridescent jungle fowl rustle within the overgrown flora by the freeway
I continue to rev on the handlebars; I can’t spot them all
There’s at least four or five that I pass by every few seconds
I accelerate further down the road
I breathe in
deep through my mouth and nostrils
Sweet smoke radiates off the makeshift barbecues many locals convert their truck beds into
How did I get here
More importantly how and why, did someone grant me access to a machine 
that catapults my body through the air
forty, fifty miles per hour; I’m levitating off the ground
rapidly being propelled forward
The two tires don’t have much tread left
Who cares
Thank you
The night before, I smoked the clear rock out of a lightbulb that I frantically unscrewed from the hula girl lamp in my Airbnb Grindr Its effects have since passed What should feel like the indefinite torture of my feeble psyche has somehow translated into pure and eternal gratitude No hangover, no comedown Bliss? Some serotonin somehow intact Existential dread temporarily at bay… Hmm
Screensaver Google image Blue Green Beige White Light, Pure light How
Ok, a dull and persistent headache The same marble rolls around the groove atop my skull It’s nothing Winding curve after winding curve Someone smiles and laughs at me from their sedan I’m sure I look ridiculous I know I look ridiculous I smile back We used to play this game on the school bus
Is this how I submit myself to something greater? An island?
This is what the beginning of time looked like Does that even lend itself to anything? I never liked Jurassic Park
I continue on Further and further I’m lost now in a random neighborhood Rain erupts out of nowhere Water pours down fast, hard, steady Right out of the sky My sunglasses pebble with infinite droplets I gotta take them off, I can’t see anymore A song instantly materializes in my head as I slide them into my pocket:
Dee dee doh dum dum day Dee dee doh dum dum day I love you island girl.
I drive through the silver rain It stops- goes as quickly as it came
Mmm, petrichor…
One last smile
Dee dee do dum dum day Dee dee do dum dum day I love you island girl.

Jordan Raf is a writer, musician, ceramicist, and occasional actor currently living in Los Angeles.
@jordan_raf (instagram)