You’ve entered Degraded Mode, everything is back to normal

she looks like she has not eaten and it feels like taking advantage of her financial situation every tme you hear my voce, wth every word, you wll enter a stll deeper layer, open, relax  ed and receptve.

not a big fan of her tits

as you focus your attenton entrely on my voce, you wll slowly begn to relax. apparently that girl got pregnant. that’s why she’s not camming anymore. this will ruin her  body and she will be ugly afterwards

your hands and your fngers are gettng warmer and heaver. the warmth s spreadng  through your arms to your shoulders and your neck.

I’m lonely af watching this shit late af a girl I liked just broke my fucking heart like it was  nothing

your feet and your legs get heaver.

I left my gf 8 months ago because I didn’t know how to satisfy her

the warmth s spreadng to the whole of your body.

hope you all burn in hell

and the whole of your relax ed body s slowly begnnng to snk.

I like this video. I like to fuck my own girlfriend

you go deeper and deeper and deeper.

okay nice wank whilst stoned as shit lol

on every breath you take you go deeper.

she reminds me of a woman I should’ve married

you are floatng.

did not realize how big her forehead is I could build a whole house on there no cap

feel your eyelds becomng heaver. they wll not close.

Hills Recording 

What a strange place. Miles of zigzagging streets—every turn smelling faintly like fresh  flowers, only broken occasionally by the stronger scent of fresh pasta. The hills fold up  around every five-story mass like crumpled bedsheets, and the trees sweep out that  horribly democratic thing, the sun. Range Rovers, Alfa Romeos, and Teslas (the last driven  only by transient, wrinkle-resistant real estate brokers) appear briefly, noisily, and  disappear again, like an animal disappearing back into the dark jungle understory.

I’ve never understood that apparent desire to become a monad, to be up in the hills buried  in all those quiet rooms, shuffling around serenely, turning the lights off and on. You don’t  understand how truly separate from the rest of the world they are up there until you’ve  spent time up there among them. Time just clicks by. You don’t feel it at all. Assuming you  can afford to stay, you could walk in and simply die tomorrow, while decades pass in the  outside world.

The most disturbing part is coming back out, going back down into the city. You, warm blooded, want to feel like this dark, sleek death cult you just encountered is a parasite on  the outside world. But you come out and it just simply looks like exactly the opposite, the  whole city a fungal growth on this strange other. The city could be burned away  completely and somehow, impossibly, this other thing up in the hills would endure.