Wading (selections)

Last night I dreamt we had sex (again). You were a Tiktok dance 

and I, a vine compilation,

laughing at something I didn’t understand. It felt more like 

a JOI, 

and the instructions were in Spanish.

I dragged myself from bed only to find

I had taken a pillow in each hand,

walking through the nightmare

and wading through a reflection pool.

October 11th 2020

If I knew a girl like you

I’d tuck her in

Have recess for dinner

And make Hamentashen

with her folds

for dessert

bark for hours at nothing

about everything too hard

to articulate

Break my skull on the wall



Deriving tension

In the left aorta

In the right corner of the clavicle

Use dead sea scrolls

as bandages

for blisters never treated…

Kneeling and praying

for a sign that my love is not wrong

my truth is not empty

and my star is not dying

If I knew a girl like you

I’d stuff my face with it

I’d say I’m full

And I’d ask for seconds